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We compare train tickets to Paris from all major train companies and find the best train fare for you. Here are the best prices selected for the coming days, your train ticket to Paris is just few clicks away!

Journey Price Departure on At Company Searched
€10.00 MORE 18/08/2016 18:59 IZY 19 hours ago
£18.00 MORE 18/08/2016 12:32 TGV 2 days ago
€25.00 MORE 28/07/2016 13:13 TGV 2 days ago
£31.50 MORE 09/08/2016 06:40 Intercités 6 days ago
£33.50 MORE 05/08/2016 06:46 Multiple companies 6 days ago
£39.00 MORE 03/08/2016 17:04 Multiple companies 7 days ago
£40.00 MORE 08/08/2016 19:42 TGV 9 hours ago
€40.00 MORE 22/08/2016 17:58 Thalys 6 days ago
£43.00 MORE 31/07/2016 05:28 TGV 7 days ago
€47.00 MORE 22/08/2016 06:45 Thalys 5 days ago

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Paris train stations

Paris located in France, is an important city with a population of around 2,138,551 inhabitants. Many travellers visit the city of Paris each year for its attractions, museums, events and its monuments in the city centre. It's easy to travel by train to Paris, and there are a lot of places to visit and a lot of activities to do. The city of Paris is well served by train, some of major Paris's train stations are :Paris Gare du Nord train station, Paris Roissy train station.

Departure cities to travel to Paris

Paris is well served by trains, train companies link the city with London, Marseille, Brussels, Calais, Amsterdam and other locations in France. Find on the map below, the main cities from which to travel to Paris by train. We have selected for you starting cities offering trips at best prices.

Travel information to go to Paris by train

Here are examples of itineraries from the ten most popular departures cities to go to Paris by train. Find in the table below the key information for your next journey like travel time, distance between the two cities and the minimum price we found for a train ticket to Paris.

Top journeys Distance Train duration Lowest train ticket price
From London to Paris 214 Miles2h01mFrom £45.00
From Manchester to Paris 376 Miles5h43mFrom £86.20
From Edinburgh to Paris 543 Miles9h11mFrom £70.00
From Birmingham to Paris 312 Miles4h58mFrom £71.10
From Brighton to Paris 176 Miles5h10mFrom £83.30
From Liverpool to Paris 390 Miles5h55mFrom £93.00
From Newcastle upon Tyne to Paris 455 Miles7h10mFrom £62.00
From Leeds to Paris 381 Miles6h43mFrom £59.50
From York to Paris 382 Miles5h31mFrom £79.50
From Glasgow to Paris 558 Miles9h05mFrom £102.00

Best price found for train ticket to Paris for the next 30 days.

For example, if you decide to start your journey from the popular city of Brighton to get to Paris, your journey will take 5h10m to travel a distance of 176 miles. The lowest ticket price we find for this travel is from £83.30 for the next 30 days. Now let's choose your city of departure and launch a fare compare thank to our search engine and find quickly a cheap train tickets to Paris.

Train operators serving Paris

To reach the city of Paris by train, only Eurostar trains are available. The following table list the most popular routes to your destination and gives you also practical information like the trip duration and the lowest price we find for you. Thanks to this table find an Eurostar to Paris, from London, Ebbsfleet or Ashford and speed straight to your destination.

Train operator From Train duration Lowest train ticket price
Thello Venice 14h32m From £70.30 More info
Thalys Amsterdam 3h21m From £28.50 More info
Brussels 1h22m From £23.50 More info
Bruges 2h40m From £36.00 More info
Cologne 3h20m From £35.00 More info
Antwerp 2h01m From £46.00 More info
TGV Calais 1h44m From £12.50 More info
Düsseldorf 6h53m From £81.00 More info
Strasbourg 1h57m From £20.50 More info
Toulouse 5h38m From £57.50 More info
Marseille 3h19m From £34.00 More info
TER Calais 3h49m From £31.20 More info
Nice 6h25m From £90.10 More info
Avignon 4h40m From £83.00 More info
Geneva 4h36m From £66.00 More info
Lille - From £28.50 More info
Renfe Barcelona 7h30m From £69.00 More info
Madrid 12h37m From £226.00 More info
Lyria Geneva 3h13m From £49.00 More info
Zurich - From £71.00 More info
IZY Brussels 2h19m From £10.00 More info
Intercités Prague 15h59m From £249.50 More info
Geneva 4h21m From £92.00 More info
Bordeaux 4h32m From £30.00 More info
Zurich 4h27m From £89.40 More info
Toulouse 6h53m From £28.50 More info
iDTGV Nice 5h38m From £39.90 More info
Avignon 2h40m From £44.00 More info
Bordeaux 3h26m From £19.00 More info
Marseille 3h16m From £29.90 More info
Toulouse 5h45m From £24.00 More info
ICE Berlin 9h09m From £69.00 More info
Munich 6h40m From £59.00 More info
Cologne 5h59m From £69.00 More info
Düsseldorf 5h47m From £79.00 More info
Stuttgart 3h50m From £39.00 More info
Eurostar London 1h58m From £45.00 More info
Ashford 1h52m From £60.50 More info

Cheap train tickets to Paris

In the United Kingdom, there exist several ways to save money when you purchase your train ticket to Paris. Here are more important hints and tips to help you find the best fares for a train ticket.

The earlier you purchase your train to Paris, the less you pay. Advance tickets are on sale up to 3 months before, but be fast, the less expensive rail tickets sell out fast. Book in in advance your train ticket and save money.

Travel when it's quieter, during off-peak or super-off-peak; at these moments you pay less for trains to Paris. Prefer to go during weekends and during weekdays between 10:30 and 14:30 or after 20:00.

When travelling by train it's preferable to be flexible. The more flexible you are the greater chance you have of getting tickets to Paris at low prices.

If you have a railcard, your can get 1/3 off all train fares to Paris. Several railcards are available, choose your: 16-25, Two together, Family and Friends, Senior, Disabled persons railcard.

Our last tip is to use our search engine to compare fares from all major rail companies to find the best price for your train ticket to Paris.

Other mode of transport

Tired of travelling by train? Other transport solutions exist to travel to Paris from UK cities or European cities. If you want to travel faster you can choose a flight, but the carbon footprint is higher than taking train, car or bus. Bearing this in mind, bus companies may be a good alternative for your journey.

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