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Compare coach fares from all major bus companies and easily find the best price to travel to South Western Scotland by bus.

Websites to book coach tickets

Two main bus companies offer bus tickets to travel across the United Kingdom, namely Megabus, FlixBus.


With 2 million passengers per year, Megabus is the low-cost coach company in UK. This company offers ticket fares from £1 to travel to South Western Scotland if you book in advance.


FlixBus is the German long-distance bus provider. It offers cheap coach tickets to travel to South Western Scotland.

Bus tickets to South Western Scotland

With Gopili, compare bus ticket fares to go to South Western Scotland and quickly find a cheap coach ticket. Our service is dedicated to helping you find the cheapest bus ticket and giving you practical information about the bus stations in South Western Scotland, the most famous journeys, routes and the cities to visit. In Scotland, the South Western Scotland is well appreciated by passengers who take a moment to visit the following famous cities: Glasgow, Ayr. To find a bus ticket to South Western Scotland, you can use our search engine above: simply put your departure city, your arrival city and the date on which you want to travel.

Cheap bus tickets to South Western Scotland

Save time by using Gopili and get free access for all cheap bus tickets to South Western Scotland. We compare coach fares for you and find the best price for your next trip. Here are the lowest prices selected for the coming days to go by coach to South Western Scotland.

From To Price Departure on At Company Searched
(Broxden Park & Ride)
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£3.49 17/06/2024 01:05 FlixBus 14 hours ago
(Castleview P&R)
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£3.49 17/06/2024 13:45 FlixBus 14 hours ago
(Overgate Center- West Marketgait)
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£3.99 17/06/2024 18:25 FlixBus 14 hours ago
St Andrew's House
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£4.49 17/06/2024 17:50 FlixBus 14 hours ago
Bus Station
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£4.99 17/06/2024 16:00 FlixBus 14 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£5.99 17/06/2024 14:45 FlixBus 14 hours ago
(Bus Station)
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£6.75 15/06/2024 20:15 FlixBus 2 days ago
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£8.99 17/06/2024 03:10 FlixBus 14 hours ago
(One Bus Station)
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£8.99 16/06/2024 08:50 FlixBus 1 day ago
(Stand NN Shudehill Interchange)
(Buchanan Bus Station)
£9.99 17/06/2024 02:05 FlixBus 14 hours ago

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Cities served by bus in South Western Scotland

Here are the main cities located in South Western Scotland served by coach.