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Gopili compares liftshare offers from all the best ride sharing providers in the UK to help you find the best price for your next journey.

Find easily cheap ride-share

To help travellers Gopili has adopted an innovative approach by providing a search engine that compares carpooling rides with train and coach offers as well as flights. In one click, you can compare ride-share offers with other transportation modes in the United Kingdom to help you find the option that will suit you best.

Gopili is the first travel search engine in the United Kingdom that helps travellers to compare the rides offering by carpooling sites with other travel options; we will find for you all ride-shares available for the journey of your choice!

List of ridesharing sites

You're sure to find a ride share that suits your needs at the best price! To find the offers directly on sites, you can search one by one on the following websites:


With 10 million members and 2 million people transported each month, BlaBlaCar is the reference of ride-sharing in Europe. The site offers many services: a price journey calculator, calendar events, e-mail alerts and mobile applications.


Liftshare is the largest ride-share scheme in the UK. A carpooling website for journeys in the United Kingdom, it allows you to book ride sharing seats online. Simple and easy to use, Liftshare will help you to find a ride-share route for your weekends or holidays.


The GoCarShare.com site offers lift-shares for regular and occasional rides for drivers and passengers throughout the United Kingdom. This large ride sharing service simply reduces travel expenses whether you’re driving or catching a lift.

Ride-share in UK

More and more people are sharing their cars to travel in the United Kindgom. For regular or occasional trips, leisure travel or business, this new mode of transport appeals to a lot of people every day. It is a great way to save money, meet new people, make new friends, help the environment and ease traffic congestions.

Ride-share in Europe

To move in Europe, you can also choose to share your car and split the cost of gas with passengers. Many people travel by car share to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin…

The advantages of carpooling

Ride sharing enables many people to travel in a single car to a common destination. Whether for long distance journeys or short, regular journeys or occasional ones, ridesharing is another way to travel.

For those who do not own cars, are not authorized to drive, or are away from public transport, this mode of transport can be a practical way to travel.

This new means of transport is increasingly used by travellers for several reasons:

  • Ride share is cheap: With rising price of fuel, ride sharing is becoming more and more used on long-distance journeys; it’s the same for regular journey from home to work. By sharing the costs with the driver and other passengers you are sure to save money on travel!
  • Ride share is green: Share their car; significantly reduce the number of cars on the roads. Therefore it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus reduces pollution!
  • Ride share is friendly: The time of solitary monotonous journeys are gone thanks to ride sharing! This new mode of transport was created to enable people to help each other and have a good time with the people travelling with you.

Choose ride share to travel with eco-mobility, solidarity and responsible consumption!