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Inverness to Newcastle upon Tyne train information

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Train duration 6h52m
Arrival Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Departure Inverness, Scotland
Distance 200 Miles

Which train company can I use?

Search for your ticket on gopili to see the different companies for your train between Inverness (Highlands and Islands) to Newcastle upon Tyne (North East England). The services on board can change depending on the train company.

How much times does it take?

On average, the journey takes normally 6h52m by train to cover the 200 miles to go to Newcastle upon Tyne from Inverness. The train duration can vary depending if your train is direct or with changes.

What is the price of the train?

Depending how much time in advance you book your ticket as well as when you travel, the cost of the train will change.

Best prices for Inverness to Newcastle upon Tyne train tickets

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Other modes of transport available
from £17.98 MORE 9h50m
from £125.50 MORE 12h42m

Inverness - Newcastle upon Tyne prices calendar

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Ticket prices and availability have been recorded in the last 72 hours from the data provided by our partners.

Inverness - Newcastle upon Tyne: the best time to book cheap trains

Cost of the train when booking in advance or at the last minute











Same day

Days before Departure

The table above is based on the best prices found over the last six months depending on how much time in advance the train is bought. Buying your train from Inverness to Newcastle upon Tyne in advance should enable you to spend less for your trip.

We found tickets available from £41 when booking your ticket 15 days in advance which is 19% cheaper than the best ticket we found when buying your ticket on the day you're travelling.

Best prices for Inverness to Newcastle upon Tyne trains

We compare train ticket for all major companies to travel between Inverness and Newcastle upon Tyne by train and find the best prices for the coming days. Take a look at the prices of train tickets Newcastle upon Tyne to Inverness and find the best deal for your outbound journey.

From To Price Departure on At Company Searched
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Inverness Newcastle upon Tyne train

Discount Inverness - Newcastle upon Tyne train tickets

National Railcards can bring you great savings if you're taking the train. Depending on your age and your situation, you might want to get one of the five existing railcards: Disabled persons, 16-25, Two together, Senior or Family and Friends railcards. Railcards can help you make great savings for your Inverness Newcastle upon Tyne train ticket.

How much can I save with a railcard?

To understand the savings that you can make with a railcard, you need to evaluate how many trips you need to make earnings. You will see that commonly only a few trips are needed.

For your calculation, you must include the railcard cost, for instance £30, the discount on each trip (i.e.: 34%) and the cost of your ticket. The average cost of a Inverness Newcastle upon Tyne ticket is £50.00 (1).

Divide the railcard cost by the saving: £30/34%= £88. Now divide £88 by £50.00: £88/£50.00 = 1.76. It will take you on average 2 trips from Newcastle upon Tyne to Inverness (one way journey) with your railcard to start saving money.

What is the cost of a railcard?

All railcards cost £30 except the Disabled persons railcard that costs £20. Railcards enable you to get 34% off most adult fares, hence you will save 1/3 on most train tickets.

(1)Average prices observed over the last 6 months for one way journey

Train Journey Average price without railcard(1) With a railcard 34% off(2) Saving based on a one-way trip Number of return trips to pay off the cost
Inverness to Newcastle upon Tyne train £50.00 £33.33 £16.67 1.76

(1)Average price observed over the last 6 months for one way

(2)Price calculated with an average reduction of 34% on train tickets fare