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Cheap train tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne

Are you looking for a economical rail ticket? If so, you are at the right place. Thanks to our search engine we set against all train companies which travel to Newcastle upon Tyne to offer you the less expensive rail ticket fares.

Further we will give you recommendations on how to find rail tickets at low fares:

To start, train tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne are available 12 weeks before the departure. And you need to that booking your rail ticket in advance will give you a greater chance of acquiring a low price.

There exist different prices of train ticket with different advantages. The less expensive fare is advance train tickets: they are sell at a interesting price however they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Moreover, the National Rail offers you cards that give you some discounts on rail ticket fares to go to Newcastle upon Tyne. Most of the time, a railcard holder can get 1/3 off a wide range of rail tickets. Depending on your situation or your age, you have a lot of choices: 16-25, Two together, Family and Friends, Senior or Disabled persons railcard.

Finally, you can travel during off peak hours. Your train ticket to Newcastle upon Tyne will be less cheapest and you will avoid peak hours.

Popular routes to Newcastle upon Tyne by train

Here are examples of itineraries from the ten most popular departures cities to go to Newcastle upon Tyne by train. Find in the table below the key information for your next journey like travel time, distance between the two cities and the minimum price we found for a train ticket to Newcastle upon Tyne. You can also search for bus tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne

Top journeys Distance Train duration Lowest train ticket price
From London to Newcastle upon Tyne 247 Miles4h52mFrom £36.00
From Manchester to Newcastle upon Tyne 106 Miles3h55mFrom £19.60
From Edinburgh to Newcastle upon Tyne 92 Miles2h09mFrom £10.30
From Birmingham to Newcastle upon Tyne 173 Miles5h53mFrom £36.50
From Brighton to Newcastle upon Tyne 293 Miles8h18mFrom £58.50
From Leeds to Newcastle upon Tyne 81 Miles2h19mFrom £9.70
From York to Newcastle upon Tyne 73 Miles1h17mFrom £12.00
From Glasgow to Newcastle upon Tyne 121 Miles4h35mFrom £11.50
From Blackpool to Newcastle upon Tyne 99 Miles4h24mFrom £73.70

Best price found for train ticket to Newcastle upon Tyne for the next 30 days.

For example, if you decide to start your journey from the popular city of Brighton to get to Newcastle upon Tyne, your journey will take 8h18m to travel a distance of 293 miles. The lowest ticket price we find for this travel is from £58.50 for the next 30 days. Now let's choose your city of departure and launch a fare compare thank to our search engine and find quickly a cheap train tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Newcastle upon Tyne train stations

Newcastle upon Tyne located in England, is an important city with a population of around 192,382 inhabitants. Many travellers visit the city of Newcastle upon Tyne each year for its attractions, museums, events and its monuments in the city centre. It's easy to travel by train to Newcastle upon Tyne, and there are a lot of places to visit and a lot of activities to do. The city of Newcastle upon Tyne is well served by train, the main train station in the city is : Newcastle upon Tyne train station

Things to do in Newcastle upon Tyne

We have compiled for you a list of 6 places that you can do in Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Ouseburn Trust - Victoria Tunnel Tours
  • Victoria Tunnel
  • The Centre for Life
  • Discovery Museum
  • The Tyne Bridge
  • Great North Museum: Hancock

If you're travelling to Newcastle upon Tyne for the first time and you do not really know the places that you can visit during your stay, we're here to help. The different options you have will obviously depend on your availabilities as well as your preferences but the team at Gopili helps you find the interesting points of interests in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Ouseburn Trust - Victoria Tunnel Tours is probably among the most important tourist places for visitors. You can also plan to discover Discovery Museum or Victoria Tunnel which are most of the time advised by the people who have already explored the city.

Another interesting area that you can see is The Tyne Bridge if you want to know more about the city.

The Centre for Life is also a touristic site that we will recommend you to visit if you have spare time during your stay.

At last, if you're still looking to discover more about Newcastle upon Tyne, Great North Museum: Hancock can be the last stage of your visit. Even though visitors may not consider it as the most important thing to do, it will enable you to get a complete view of the city and its history.

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Newcastle upon Tyne
£66.00 26/04/2018 12:35 11 hours ago
Queen Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
£11.50 03/05/2018 07:15 ScotRail 12 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£81.00 25/05/2018 13:49 Southeastern 14 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£21.50 04/05/2018 07:38 ScotRail 16 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£73.50 25/04/2018 10:03 18 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£8.20 28/04/2018 23:32 21 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£9.70 27/04/2018 07:10 21 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£61.20 22/04/2018 21:12 22 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£44.50 11/05/2018 23:23 ScotRail 1 day ago
Temple Meads
Newcastle upon Tyne
£62.80 22/04/2018 20:30 Cross Country 1 day ago

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