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Find cheap train tickets from Edinburgh to Brussels

Thanks to Gopili, compare train ticket prices and find the best price to travel from Edinburgh to Brussels by train. Our service is dedicated to helping you find the cheapest Edinburgh to Brussels train ticket and gives you practical information: booking, next departures, timetables, fares, and good deals.

Cheap train calendar from Edinburgh to Brussels

Find cheapest tickets to travel from Edinburgh to Brussels by train, bus, ride sharing and plane. With the calendar below, choose the day you want to travel and easily find the cheapest price.

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Ticket prices and availability have been recorded in the last 6 hours from the data provided by our partners.

Find the best prices for train tickets Edinburgh to Brussels

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How to find cheap train tickets Edinburgh to Brussels ?

If you want cheap train tickets Edinburgh to Brussels, you've come to the right place. Here we give you some tips to find cheap train tickets.

  • Booking your ticket in advance instead of leaving it until the day before will help you to spend less. Advance tickets usually go on sale 90 days before the date of departure. On many routes you can save as much as 80% by purchasing your ticket 90 days in advance. We advise you to get your ticket as soon as it is available.
  • In order to get cheap train tickets, you should avoid travelling during peak times between 06:30 to 09:30 and 15:30 to 18:30. Consider different times and your train ticket Edinburgh to Brussels will cost less.
  • If you already know at what time you want to take the return journey, you need to verify the price of two single tickets as they may work out cheaper than a return. The only condition is to use the exact train you booked.
  • Frequently, purchasing a ticket from Edinburgh to an intermediary city and then a second ticket from this city to Brussels costs less than purchasing only one ticket for your entire journey. Split-ticketing can help you make additional savings.

And if you change?

Other alternatives of transport exist to travel from Edinburgh to Brussels:

Bus from Edinburgh to Brussels

Main train ticket types in United Kingdom

There are three principal rail tickets types in England, Advance, Off-Peak and Anytime tickets. Each ticket types provides different fares and travel flexibility. But other tickets types exist such as Season tickets, Super-Off-Peak tickets or Rover and Rangers tickets for instance. Take a look at the different types of rail ticket from Edinburgh to Brussels below:

If you want to book the cheapest available ticket, Advance tickets are ideal for you. These tickets are available 12 weeks before travel and offer biggest reductions. The earlier you book, the cheaper the train fares are! But you can't annul your advance rail ticket, they are non-refundable, and they are sold as singles.

Off-Peak and Super Off-peak tickets are available on many trains outside of peak travel times. Thanks to these tickets you travel at Off-Peak time, so don't have to pay the price of a entirely flexible Anytime ticket. You can be reimbursed if you decide not to travel.

Anytime tickets is ideal for you, if you want a entirely flexible ticket with no restrictions to travel. They offer the greatest flexibility in your time of travel. But they are not recommended if you want the lowest type of ticket Edinburgh to Brussels.

Season tickets are perfect for you if you make the same route more than three or four times a week. In this instance, Season Tickets offer better value for money compared to buying daily tickets.

Best price found for train ticket from Edinburgh to Brussels

We compare train ticket prices for all major companies to travel from Edinburgh to Brussels by train and find the best price for you. Here are the best prices selected for the coming days to go to Brussels. Your Edinburgh to Brussels train ticket is just few clicks away!

From To Price Departure on At Company Searched
(Waverley, city centre)
£84.00 02/01/2018 07:30 Multiple companies 1 month ago
(Waverley, city centre)
£103.50 02/01/2018 09:30 Multiple companies 1 month ago

Best price found for Edinburgh to Brussels train ticket for the next 30 days.

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Book cheap train from Edinburgh to Brussels

You are able to buy your Edinburgh to Brussels train ticket in 3 different ways:

  • You can purchase tickets online directly on most train providers' websites such as Eurostar, ScotRail, South West Trains, Chiltern Railways. You can also buy train tickets on Ticket Retailers' websites like Trainline or Raileasy.
  • If you don't want to buy your ticket online, you can reach the rail operators by phone. Most of them can take your booking by phone.
  • Depending on the station, you have the ability to either get your train ticket at the staffed ticket office or via a self-service ticket machine available at many stations. We recommend you to check beforehand if the station offers these services and the opening hours.

Gopili helps you find cheap train tickets from Edinburgh to Brussels by comparing journey times and fares across all rail providers. You can then sort the offers by price, duration, departure time to find the ticket that suits your requirements. Need to find the best fare for the way back? Check the prices of train tickets Brussels to Edinburgh via our travel search engine and find the best ticket.

Edinburgh - Brussels: the best time to book cheap trains

Price of the train when booking in advance or at the last minute











Same day

Days before Departure

The cost for train tickets Edinburgh to Brussels are increasing as you approach your travel date. If we look at our data, if you purchase your seat 15 days in advance, tickets should be available from £117 while when buying your ticket 1 day in advance, you will have to spend a minimum of £208 for your trip. Thus, you will save 44% on the cost of your ticket by buying your ticket 15 days in advance as opposed to 1 day in advance.

The figures are based on the cheapest fares found over the past 6 months when buying in advance versus at the last minute.

Travel information for your train journey

Edinburgh Brussels train

Route Edinburgh to Brussels

Edinburgh Brussels train map

Train duration 9h06m
Arrival city Brussels, Belgium
Departure city Edinburgh, Scotland
Distance 470 Miles

The journey connecting Edinburgh, situated in Scotland and Brussels, situated in Belgium is well connected by trains. Use our travel search engine to find your ticket and identify the train operator for this journey.

There are 470 miles between the 2 cities and the average journey time between Edinburgh to Brussels is approximately 9h06m. Travelling by train is often the fastest way to get to Brussels from Edinburgh, and it's also a greener option than driving your car or using the plane.

Fares can change quickly. We suggest you to launch a search to see the latest available offers.

Proximity journey

Many trains run from Edinburgh to Brussels, but there are also near stations served like for instance:

Transport operators from Edinburgh to Brussels

The following table lists the various transport operators serving the route Edinburgh to Brussels.

Transport operators Departure Arrival
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