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Find cheap train tickets from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

Thanks to Gopili, compare train ticket prices and find the best price to travel from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton by train. Our service is dedicated to helping you find the cheapest Edinburgh to Wolverhampton train ticket and gives you practical information: booking, next departures, timetables, fares, and good deals.

Cheap train calendar from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

Find cheapest tickets to travel from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton by train, bus, ride sharing and plane. With the calendar below, choose the day you want to travel and easily find the cheapest price.

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Ticket prices and availability have been recorded in the last 6 hours from the data provided by our partners.

Find the best prices for train tickets Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

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Travel information for your train journey

Edinburgh Wolverhampton train

Route Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

Edinburgh Wolverhampton train map

Train duration 3h42m
Arrival city Wolverhampton, England
Departure city Edinburgh, Scotland
Distance 237 Miles
  • There are a lot of rail providers across the UK & Europe. By searching for your ticket on gopili, you can see the trains from Edinburgh in Scotland to Wolverhampton in England as well as the train operator for this route.
  • There are 237 miles between the two cities and the average journey time from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton is around 3h42m. Train travel is most of the time the fastest solution to go to Wolverhampton from Edinburgh, and it's also a greener option than driving or taking the plane.
  • Prices will change depending on the day and hour of travel as well as how far in advance you buy your ticket.

Transport operators from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

The following table lists the various transport operators serving the route Edinburgh to Wolverhampton.

Transport operators Departure Arrival
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And if you change?

Other alternatives of transport exist to travel from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton:

Bus from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

Edinburgh - Wolverhampton: the best time to book cheap trains

Price of the ticket when booking in advance or at the last minute













Same day

Days before Departure

Generally, the earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it should be but there can be some exceptions. We collected the results from the past 6 months in order to find the best time to book your train tickets Edinburgh to Wolverhampton. The figures show that buying your train from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton in advance can be more expensive.

We found tickets at £27 when purchasing your ticket 7 days in advance whereas you will have to pay at least £56 if you buy your ticket 15 days in advance. Thus, based on our data, the best time to buy your seat is 7 days in advance as it is 53% cheaper than 15 days in advance.

Departure and arrival for your train travel

A lot of trains travel day to day between Edinburgh to Wolverhampton. They serve the following train stations: Edinburgh Waverley train station, Wolverhampton train station

Best price found for train ticket from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

We compare train ticket prices for all major companies to travel from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton by train and find the best price for you. Here are the best prices selected for the coming days to go to Wolverhampton. Your Edinburgh to Wolverhampton train ticket is just few clicks away!

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How to find cheap train tickets Edinburgh to Wolverhampton ?

If you're searching for cheap train tickets Edinburgh to Wolverhampton, we're here to help. Here we provide you some hints for finding cheap train tickets.

  • Buying your ticket early rather than leaving it until the last minute will enable you to pay less. Advance tickets typically go on sale 90 days in advance. On many routes you can save as much as 80% by purchasing your ticket 12 weeks in advance. We suggest you to book your ticket as soon as it is available.
  • The most expensive times to travel are during the morning commute time and in the late afternoon for your train ticket Edinburgh to Wolverhampton. Train fares tend to be more expensive during this period so you will save money by travelling very early, mid day or late in the evening.
  • It's quite often that two singles cost less than a return ticket, we suggest you should always check both fares for your travel to spend less.
  • Split-ticketing for your journey to Wolverhampton is another money saving trick. It is perfectly legitimate to split your ticket into several tickets covering the different sections of your journey, the only condition is that the train you're using calls at the stations you bought tickets for.

Book cheap train from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton

Edinburgh to Wolverhampton train ticket can be purchased via different options:

  • You may book your tickets online using most rail companies' websites such as C2C, Southern, East Midlands Trains, Arriva Trains. You may also buy train tickets on Ticket Retailers' websites like Trainline or Raileasy.
  • Most train companies as well as several independent ticket retailers will have contact numbers and you can make your purchase over the phone.
  • While the major stations in the country have a self-service ticket machine or a staffed ticket office to purchase your train ticket, rural stations might not. Look at the office hours as well as the available services beforehand.

If you use our fast and easy to use search service, you are be able to compare hundreds of train tickets from all major train operators. Gopili will help you get cheap train tickets from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton! Please note, train tickets Wolverhampton to Edinburgh are also available for your return trip.

Things to do in Wolverhampton

We have created for you a list of 6 things that you can do in Wolverhampton.

  • Willenhall Lock Museum
  • Wightwick Manor
  • West Park Conservatory
  • Wolves Museum
  • Ripple Beds
  • Bantock House

If you're visiting Wolverhampton for the first time and you are not sure of the things that you can do during your time over there, don't worry. The different options you have will obviously depend on your availabilities as well as your preferences but the team at Gopili shares with you the interesting points of interests in Wolverhampton.

Willenhall Lock Museum is probably among the most important attractions for visitors. You can also go to discover Wolves Museum or Wightwick Manor which are most of the time recommended by the travellers who have already visited the city.

Another noteworthy place that you may want to see is Ripple Beds if you want to know more about the city.

West Park Conservatory is also a point of interest that we will suggest you to visit if you got enough time during your trip.

Finally, if you're still looking to discover more about Wolverhampton, Bantock House can be the final stage of your visit. While travellers may not consider it as the most interesting place to visit, it will enable you to get a complete picture of the city and its history.

Different train ticket types for your journey

There are several types of rail tickets Edinburgh to Wolverhampton proposed by each company, allowing passengers to choose between flexibility and price. Travellers can buy tickets on the website of the railway companies or on train ticket sales websites being accredited. Here is a description of each type of rail ticket:

The Advance Tickets are tickets for single journeys, valid in 1st and 2nd class. They can be bought 12 weeks in advance, really they are sold in limited numbers and are subject to availability. Usually, the earlier you book them, the cheaper the price is. You should be aware that the Advance ticket is non-reimbursable. Nevertheless, you can change the hours and the date of the trip before departure.

The Off-Peak Tickets are the cheapest tickets to travel in less busy trains. Offering a good quality-price ratio, these tickets need passengers to travel off-peak. You can purchase tickets at any time, in advance or just before the journey. The train ticket is refundable but administrative fees may be charged; these fees do not exceed £10.00.

The Anytime Tickets are totally flexible: you can travel whenever you desire. Tickets can be booked in advance or directly before travel. There are no limitations on when you want to go, even though you will need to book a new ticket if you want to modify the date, destination or class.

You can also book a Season Ticket for 7 days or a period of either 1 month or 1 year. Generally these tickets are available for short and medium distances in the United Kingdom.

The last Rovers and Rangers ticket type allows you unlimited travel for an area and time period with all train companies.

Discount Edinburgh to Wolverhampton train tickets

Looking to travel for cheap? Many railcards and deals can be obtained to spend less for your Edinburgh Wolverhampton train ticket and save even more money on your tickets: special train fares for children, railcards for all ages, group travel, or charity discount. There are five types of railcards available: 16-25 railcard, Two together railcard, Family and Friends Railcard, Senior railcard, Disabled persons railcard.

If you want to understand the benefits of a railcard, you can evaluate the number of trips you need to make earnings. You will see that commonly only a few trips are needed.

For your calculation, you have to include the railcard cost, i.e £30, your savings on each journey (i.e.: 34%) and the cost of your ticket. The average cost of a Edinburgh Wolverhampton ticket is £50.00 (1).

Divide the cost of your railcard by the discount: £30/34%= £88. Now divide £88 by £50.00: £88/£50.00 = 1.76. You will need to make approximately 2 trips from Wolverhampton to Edinburgh (one way trip) with your railcard to break even.

Railcards enable you to get a third off most rail fares for a year. The Disabled persons railcard costs £20 and the 5 other railcards £30.

(1)Average prices observed over the last 3 months for one way journey

Train Journey Average price without railcard(1) With a railcard 34% off(2) Saving based on a one-way trip Number of return trips to pay off the cost
Edinburgh to Wolverhampton train £50.00 £33.33 £16.67 1.76

(1)Average price observed over the last 3 months for one way

(2)Price calculated with an average reduction of 34% on train tickets fare