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FlixBus is a German company that operates bus services to or from Stuttgart. Its buses have technological equipments to reduce CO2 emissions.

Travel information for your coach to Stuttgart

Check here the most important information about bus services, check-in times, travel insurance and other formalities to plan your next coach trip to Stuttgart.

It's always important to arrive early before travelling. FlixBus demand their passengers to arrive 30 minutes before the bus is due to leave. You need to be at the bus station early to have the time to load your baggage and get on board comfortably.

Many coach companies like for example FlixBus allow 2 medium sized baggage and one small piece of hand luggage per passenger on coaches. In general the maximum permissible weight is 20kg for each suitcase. If you have to travel to Stuttgart with extra luggage it's permitted but you have to pay.

To prevent any risk during your journey in bus to Stuttgart, most coach operators as FlixBus propose insurance for your trip. You will check all the information concerning insurance for your next travel on the website of the bus company you choose for your journey.

If you use a coachcard to buy your bus ticket you need to bring with you the card. The bus driver needs to see your card to let you get on the bus.

Nowadays coach companies like FlixBus are changing their services to offer high comfort for travelers. Indeed, coaches become highly comfortable, with wide seats, and they are fitted with toilets and air conditioning. The majority of companies offer on certain routes, buses with free WiFi and electrical sockets on board so you can utilize electronic devices during the travel.

Things to do in Stuttgart

Experience the best of Stuttgart by going to these 6 points of interests

  • Bismarckturm Stuttgart
  • Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium
  • Kunstmuseum
  • Schweinemuseum
  • Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde am Löwentor
  • Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart

If you want to spend some time discovering Stuttgart, we have listed for you some things to do in order to help you prepare your trip. Your itinerary can vary depending on your preferences or whether you're travelling to the city with your partner, family or friends but some of these tips can be of interest. Most of these landmarks are free to visit but we recommend you to double check, especially as you should be able to purchase tickets beforehand to avoid the crowds.

Bismarckturm Stuttgart could be the starting point of your itinerary as it is one of the main things to do for travellers. You can then continue your itinerary with Schweinemuseum or Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium which are also well-known.

You might then carry on your visit with Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde am Löwentor which is another way to explore the city.

If you still got some time, you can go and have a look at the Kunstmuseum which is generally appreciated by travellers.

Our last suggestion if you want to get a complete view of the city will be the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart. Remember to have a look at the events, festivals or concerts that you can attend during your stay as it could help you meet locals who may be able to share with you further insights.

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Mestre (Stazione FS)
£28.98 16/05/2024 14:30 FlixBus 7 hours ago
central bus station
£15.99 16/05/2024 07:20 FlixBus 8 hours ago
£10.49 16/05/2024 15:00 FlixBus 8 hours ago
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Victoria Coach Station
£42.98 15/05/2024 22:00 FlixBus 1 day ago
West, Leonberg
£7.99 15/05/2024 11:50 FlixBus 1 day ago
(Bercy Seine)
£23.99 14/05/2024 11:00 FlixBus 2 days ago
Erdberg (VIB)
£26.98 14/05/2024 17:55 FlixBus 2 days ago
£57.98 14/06/2024 07:55 FlixBus 10 days ago
£22.98 29/06/2024 01:00 FlixBus 13 days ago

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