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To book your trip by coach to Czech Republic you can go on the FlixBus website that offers Czech Republic bus tickets:


FlixBus is a long-distance coach company from Germany, it provides cheap tickets to more than 400 European destinations including Czech Republic.

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Find cheap bus tickets to Czech Republic with our quick and simple search engine which compares bus tickets from all major coach companies. Below, we have selected for you a list of bus tickets to Czech Republic: these are the lowest prices for the coming days. Click on "Search" to start a new search and get more details on the coach to Czech Republic that interest you.

From To Price Departure on At Company Searched
Erdberg (VIB)
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£8.99 04/08/2024 10:30 FlixBus 4 months ago
(bus station Mlynské Nivy)
(Main Station - Building)
£13.99 15/06/2024 13:45 FlixBus 4 months ago
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£19.99 25/06/2024 23:45 FlixBus 14 days ago
Kraków MDA
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£21.99 27/06/2024 08:30 FlixBus 3 months ago
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£22.99 25/06/2024 18:35 FlixBus 14 days ago
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£22.99 26/06/2024 10:35 FlixBus 13 days ago
Brandenburg Airport Terminal 1/2
Burger King Florenc Bus Station
£23.00 14/06/2024 04:05 FlixBus 1 day ago
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£26.99 26/06/2024 08:15 FlixBus 13 days ago
South (Gare du Midi)
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£30.99 26/06/2024 22:10 FlixBus 13 days ago
(Central Bus Station Florenc)
£33.48 14/09/2024 19:00 FlixBus 2 months ago

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Information for bus trips to Czech Republic

Check here the most useful information about bus services, time before departure, travel insurance and other formalities to help you plan your next bus travel.

In recent time, travelling across Great Britain and Europe by coach has become more and more common. That's why coach operators like FlixBus is changing its services to offer high comfort for passengers. Indeed, coaches are become highly comfortable, with wide seats, sometime made in leather, and they are equipped with toilets and air conditioning. Nowadays on certain lines, bus companies offer coaches with free WiFi and electrical sockets on board so you can use electronic devices during the travel.

Arrive at least thirty minutes before departure at the coach station for boarding. If you arrive just fifteen minutes before, FlixBus can no longer guarantee boarding of the bus running to Czech Republic.

If you need travel insurance about luggage, cancellation or repatriation, consult the following FlixBus website to get more information.

Moreover if you need information about the formalities of your trip to Czech Republic consult the following European website In that way you will enjoy a travel without problems!