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If you are looking for cheap rail tickets to Blackpool, find below some tips to help you find the best fares for a rail ticket.

Train fares work like air prices: the earlier you buy the more likely you are to get a great price. Don't forget that the best moment to start looking the train fares to Blackpool is 12 weeks before.

In United Kingdom, advance train tickets to Blackpool are less expensive than Off-Peak-Ticket, or Anytime ticket. These tickets offer the lowest rail but they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, thus you need to be certain of your date of travel.

Many railcards are available in the UK to pay for your train ticket to Blackpool cheaper: 16-25, Two together, Family and Friends, Senior, Disabled persons railcard. All generally give you 34% off most adult prices, so you will save 1/3 on rail fares.

Using our search engine you can compare rail ticket prices for all major companies, operators to travel to Blackpool by train and find the best price.

Popular routes to Blackpool by train

Here are examples of itineraries from the ten most popular departures cities to go to Blackpool by train. Find in the table below the key information for your next journey like travel time, distance between the two cities and the minimum price we found for a train ticket to Blackpool. You can also search for bus tickets to Blackpool

Top journeys Distance Train duration Lowest train ticket price
From London to Blackpool 201 Miles2h45mFrom £35.42
From Manchester to Blackpool 41 Miles1h16mFrom £5.80
From Edinburgh to Blackpool 148 Miles3h00mFrom £18.58
From Birmingham to Blackpool 104 Miles2h52mFrom £18.00
From Liverpool to Blackpool 28 Miles1h46mFrom £20.20
From Newcastle upon Tyne to Blackpool 99 Miles4h11mFrom £95.80
From Glasgow to Blackpool 149 Miles3h06mFrom £14.20

Best price found for train ticket to Blackpool for the next 180 days.

For example, if you decide to start your journey from the popular city of London to get to Blackpool, your journey will take 2h45m to travel a distance of 201 miles. The lowest ticket price we find for this travel is from £35.42 for the next 180 days. Now let's choose your city of departure and launch a fare compare thank to our search engine and find quickly a cheap train tickets to Blackpool.

Blackpool train stations

Blackpool located in England, is an important city with a population of around 143,101 inhabitants. Many travellers visit the city of Blackpool each year for its attractions, museums, events and its monuments in the city centre. It's easy to travel by train to Blackpool, and there are a lot of places to visit and a lot of activities to do. The city of Blackpool is well served by train, the main train station in the city is : Blackpool North train station

Things to do in Blackpool

We have created for you a list of 6 points of interests that you can do in Blackpool.

  • Blackpool Tower, Ballroom and Circus
  • Central Pier
  • Blackpool Zoo
  • Comedy Carpet
  • Madame Tussauds Blackpool
  • Grundy Art Gallery

As travel specialists, we are aware that organizing a trip and searching for all the information about a specific destination can take a lot of time. We aim to help you by suggesting some points of interests, whether you are coming for the weekend or for longer.

Each year, many visitors are going to Blackpool. If you want explore one of the most popular landmark of the city, you need to visit Blackpool Tower, Ballroom and Circus. If you have some time, we will also suggest you to visit Comedy Carpet and Central Pier to complete your trip.

Another interesting area that you can see is Madame Tussauds Blackpool if you want to know more about the city.

Blackpool Zoo is also a point of interest that we will recommend you to visit if you have spare time during your stay.

At last, if you're still looking to discover more about Blackpool, Grundy Art Gallery can be the final stage of your trip. Even though people might not consider it as the most important place to visit, it will enable you to get a full picture of the city and its character.

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From To Price Departure on At Company Searched
£51.52 04/06/2024 12:30 1 day ago
£14.49 03/06/2024 20:06 2 days ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
£95.80 27/07/2024 16:59 3 days ago
£7.90 31/05/2024 16:30 4 days ago
£18.58 20/06/2024 16:11 4 days ago
£35.50 30/06/2024 15:03 7 days ago
£41.30 01/06/2024 15:19 18 days ago
£87.30 22/07/2024 15:27 18 days ago
£86.80 04/07/2024 17:28 19 days ago
New Street
£18.00 26/06/2024 15:07 21 days ago

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