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Here is the list of bus companies offering cheap coach tickets to Middlesbrough:


Megabus is providing low-cost coach travel across the UK. It offers fares from one pound (with 50p booking fee) to and from Middlesbrough.


FlixBus is a German company that operates buses to or from Middlesbrough. Its buses have technological equipments to reduce fuel consumption.

Travel information for your coach to Middlesbrough

Find here the most useful information about bus services, check-in times, travel insurance and other formalities to prepare your next coach travel to Middlesbrough.

It's very important to come at the station early before travelling. Megabus, FlixBus ask their travelers to come at the station 30 minutes before the coach is due to leave. You need to arrive at the coach station in advance to have the time to load your bag and get on board comfortably.

Many coach operators like for example Megabus, FlixBus allow two medium sized bags and one small piece of hand luggage per person on buses. Usually the maximum permissible weight is 20kg for each bag. If you prefer to travel to Middlesbrough with extra luggage it's authorized but you have to pay.

To avoid any risk during your trip in bus to Middlesbrough, most coach operators as Megabus, FlixBus propose insurance for your trip. You will access all the information about insurance for your next journey on the website of the bus company you choose for your trip.

When you use a discount card to book your bus ticket you have to have with you the card. The bus driver needs to see your coachcard to let you get on the bus.

Nowadays bus operators like Megabus, FlixBus are changing their services to offer high comfort for travelers. Indeed, buses are now very comfortable, with wide seats, and they are equipped with toilets and air conditioning. A lot of operators offer on certain lines, coaches with free WiFi and power outlets on board so you can use electronic devices during the journey.

Things to do in Middlesbrough

Discover the best of Middlesbrough by visiting these 6 locations

  • Dorman
  • Transporter Bridge
  • Platform Arts
  • Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
  • HM Bark Endeavour
  • Newham Grange Leisure Farm

If you are willing to spend some time exploring Middlesbrough, we have selected for you some places to visit in order to help you plan your trip. Your visit is likely to be different whether you have a specific interest or whether you're visiting the city with your partner, family or friends but some of these suggestions should be of interest. Many of these places are free to visit but we suggest you to verify, especially as you may be able to buy tickets before you get there to avoid the queues.

Dorman can be the starting place for your visit as it is among the most important tourist places for visitors. You can then carry on your visit by going to Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and Transporter Bridge which are also famous.

You can also extend your itinerary with HM Bark Endeavour which is another opportunity to experience the city.

If you still got enough time, you can go and have a look at the Platform Arts which is generally appreciated by tourists.

Our last tip if you would like to have a full picture of the city will be the Newham Grange Leisure Farm. Do not forget to check out the events, festivals or concerts that you can attend during your visit as it can enable you to meet locals who will be able to provide you with more advices.

Last searches for buses to Middlesbrough

From To Price Departure on At Company Searched
, Pool Meadow Bus Station, Stand D
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£20.99 16/07/2024 12:00 Megabus 16 hours ago
, Bond Street (near Black's)
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£13.73 16/07/2024 01:00 Megabus 16 hours ago
Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle (upon Tyne), John Dobson Street
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£3.99 16/07/2024 08:15 Megabus 16 hours ago
Sheffield, Meadowhall Interchange
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£9.99 16/07/2024 18:20 Megabus 16 hours ago
, York Street, Cultural Stop C
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£7.99 16/07/2024 05:00 Megabus 17 hours ago
, Park Lane Bus Interchange Stand W
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£4.99 16/07/2024 10:50 Megabus 17 hours ago
, Brunel Street
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£10.33 15/07/2024 07:10 Megabus 1 day ago
, Shudehill Interchange, Stand G
, Bus Station, Express Departure Loun
£10.33 15/07/2024 09:40 Megabus 1 day ago
Finchley Road (Stop FH/FK)
Bus Station
£9.60 20/06/2024 21:55 FlixBus 3 days ago
(Bus Station)
£6.98 24/06/2024 05:20 FlixBus 22 days ago

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