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Bus from London to Brighton

With Gopili, compare bus ticket prices and easily find a cheap bus ticket from London to Brighton!

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Prices calendar bus from London to Brighton

Find the cheapest tickets to travel from London to Brighton by coach, train, carsharing and flights. With the calendar below, choose the day you want to travel and easily find the best price for your next travel.

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Best prices for bus tickets London to Brighton

from £6.00 MORE 2h19m
Other modes of transport available to travel from London to Brighton
from £5.00 MORE 1h17m

Route information

Bus London Brighton

Bus journey London to Brighton

Bus Time 2h19m
Origin London, England
Destination Brighton, England
Distance 47 Miles
Cheapest bus ticket fare: from £6.00
Bus operators: National Express

All coach services connecting London (England) to Brighton (England) are operated by National Express.

We found buses from €6.00 to travel in the next 30 days. The price of the bus from London to Brighton can more or less change depending especially on how much time in advance you purchase it but you will notice that most of the time, travelling by coach is the cheapest travel option.

Coach services will often enable you to pay less comparing to other transportation modes. However you will have to spend about 2h19m on the road to cover the 47 miles between London and Brighton.

Discount coach London to Brighton

National Express discounts London to Brighton

National Express offers several opportunities to save money on your ticket when travelling from London to Brighton by bus. As an example you can benefit from cheaper tickets when booking in advance as well as if you choose to use one of the operator's coach cards or specific passes.

If you plan to travel across the United Kingdom for a few weeks, National Express can help you save money using the Brit Xplorer passes. You will be able to travel for a fixed price during 7 (£79*), 14 (£139*) or 28 (£219*) consecutive days.

National Express offers Coachcards for customers aged between 16 to 26, for seniors and for registered disabled customers. It allows card holders 33% off bus fares and only costs £10* a year. In fact if your coach ticket costs £30 or more, the card will pay for itself after only one trip.

Families can also benefit from special discounts with a dedicated Coachcard. Whether you have one (£8* a year) or 2 children (£16* for 12 months), they will be able to travel anytime for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

If you want to travel as a group of four or more in the UK, including for your journey to Brighton from London, you can get 25% on standard fares.

*Fares and discounts observed on 03/02/2017

Travel information for your bus from London to Brighton

Coach routes are highly popular in the UK: every year approximately 30 million people choose this mean of transport for their vacations and to visit family and friends. Carriers propose attractive prices, usually less expensive than train prices or plane fares. Yet persons must be patient because bus trips are more time-consuming. For example the average journey duration for bus from London to Brighton is 2h19m.

Travelling by coach takes longer than a trip by train yet nowadays operators provide more and more high quality service on coaches. The majority of buses are equipped with comfortable seats, toilets, electrical sockets and air conditioning. On some lines, Wi-Fi is available allowing you to use your computer and tablet during your journey.

For the purpose of provide a punctual service coach companies as National Express demand travelers to be ready to leave at least 30 minutes before departure. Customers should have within easy reach their identity documents and other travel papers like coach ticket to be ready for control at check-in. Do not forget that for your next journey by bus from London to Brighton, 15 minutes before, boarding is no longer ensured.

Passengers travelling by bus to Brighton are allowed to take up to three pieces of luggage per passenger. Usually operators don't mind what your luggage is packed in: they ask travelers that it's no bigger than a standard large suitcase and weight 20kg maximum. You are authorized to also bring a piece of small hand luggage on the bus with you!

If you have to cancel your London Brighton coach travel or if you want insurance for your luggage or be repatriated during your next coach coach, check at information about the National Express insurance for your trip from London to Brighton online directly on the website of the carriers.

Other transport alternatives

There are alternative transport methods to coach for travelling between London and Brighton:

London to Brighton trains

London to Brighton flights

Bus times from London to Brighton

Every day many National Express coaches travel from London to Brighton: you can check coach timetables for your next journey on the National Express website.

Book a coach from London to Brighton

To purchase your London to Brighton bus ticket, you can go on National Express website that offers bus tickets between London to Brighton:

National Express

National Express, the reference of coach trips, offers London to Brighton bus tickets from £6.00. Note that the earlier you book your ticket from London to Brighton, the more likely you are to find cheap tickets.

Best price found for bus from London to Brighton

Gopili compares prices to find you cheap bus tickets from London to Brighton. Here are the best prices selected for the coming days.

Journey Price Departure on At Company Searched
£6.00 MORE 14/03/2017 14:00 National Express 2 days ago
£6.00 MORE 05/03/2017 13:00 National Express 3 days ago
£6.00 MORE 02/03/2017 12:00 National Express 2 days ago
£6.00 MORE 21/03/2017 13:00 National Express 6 days ago
£6.00 MORE 09/03/2017 09:00 National Express 2 days ago
£6.00 MORE 14/03/2017 08:00 National Express 2 days ago
£6.00 MORE 14/03/2017 15:00 National Express 2 days ago
£6.00 MORE 04/03/2017 14:00 National Express 7 days ago
£6.00 MORE 03/03/2017 08:00 National Express 1 day ago
£6.00 MORE 02/03/2017 14:00 National Express 2 days ago

Best price found for London to Brighton bus tickets for the next 30 days.

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Coach stations to travel between London and Brighton

A lot of buses travel day to day between London to Brighton. They serve the following coach stations: London Victoria bus station, Brighton Pool Valley bus station

London Victoria coach station

Brighton Pool Valley coach station