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Journey Price Departure on At Company Searched
£5.30 29/06/2017 14:29 South West Trains 7 days ago
£7.60 15/07/2017 17:10 South West Trains 11 days ago
£7.70 26/06/2017 14:18 South West Trains 3 days ago
£9.80 02/07/2017 17:28 Great Western Railway 11 days ago
£10.10 28/06/2017 07:21 Great Western Railway 21 days ago
£10.20 02/07/2017 15:54 South West Trains 2 months ago
£11.00 21/07/2017 13:02 Great Western Railway 4 days ago
£11.20 23/07/2017 12:08 South West Trains 2 days ago
£13.00 01/07/2017 07:00 South West Trains 1 month ago
£13.00 25/06/2017 13:50 South West Trains 28 days ago

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Windsor train stations

Windsor located in England, is an important city with a population of around 28,324 inhabitants. Many travellers visit the city of Windsor each year for its attractions, museums, events and its monuments in the city centre. It's easy to travel by train to Windsor, and there are a lot of places to visit and a lot of activities to do. The city of Windsor is well served by train, the main train station in the city is : Windsor Windsor & Eton Central train station

Departure cities to travel to Windsor

Situated specifically in the South East England area, Windsor is well served by trains. Train companies link the city with Bradford, Glasgow, London, Stevenage, Durham and other locations in England. Find on the map below, the main cities from which to travel to Windsor by train. We have selected for you starting cities offering trips at best prices.

Travel information to go to Windsor by train

Here are examples of itineraries from the ten most popular departures cities to go to Windsor by train. Find in the table below the key information for your next journey like travel time, distance between the two cities and the minimum price we found for a train ticket to Windsor.

Top journeys Distance Train duration Lowest train ticket price
From London to Windsor 20 Miles0h41mFrom £10.10
From Glasgow to Windsor 338 Miles6h13mFrom £32.00

Best price found for train ticket to Windsor for the next 30 days.

For example, if you decide to start your journey from the popular city of London to get to Windsor, your journey will take 0h41m to travel a distance of 20 miles. The lowest ticket price we find for this travel is from £10.10 for the next 30 days. Now let's choose your city of departure and launch a fare compare thank to our search engine and find quickly a cheap train tickets to Windsor.

Train operators serving Windsor

Several train operators serve the city of Windsor by train, the following table list the 2 different operators serving your destination. For each train operators, the table gives you also practical information: the most popular routes, the trip duration and the lowest train ticket price we find for you. Thanks to this table, cheap trains to Windsor are just few clicks away. Before choosing a train operator for your next journey, we advise you to refer to our table below.

Train operator From Train duration Lowest train ticket price
South West Trains London 0h53m From £10.10
Southampton 2h27m From £13.00
Ascot 0h41m From £7.60
Richmond 0h34m From £7.70
Epsom 1h22m From £10.20
Great Western Railway London 0h38m From £10.10
Bristol 1h47m From £11.00
Oxford 0h58m From £16.80
Reading 0h39m From £9.80

Cheap train tickets to Windsor

If you want to find cheap rail tickets to Windsor, here are most important tips to help you find the best fares for a train ticket.

Train prices work like air prices: the earlier you book the more likely you are to get a great price. Be sure that the ideal time to start looking the rail prices to Windsor is 12 weeks before.

In United Kingdom, advance train tickets to Windsor are much cheaper than Off-Peak-Ticket, or Anytime ticket. These tickets offer the lowest rail but they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, therefore you need to be sure of your date of travel.

A lot of reductions are available in the United Kingdom to buy your train ticket to Windsor cheaper: 16-25, Two together, Family and Friends, Senior, Disabled persons railcard. All usually give you 34% off most adult prices, so you will save 1/3 on rail prices.

Thanks to our search engine you can compare rail ticket prices for all major companies, operators to travel to Windsor by train and find the best fare.

Other mode of transport

Tired of travelling by train? Other transport solutions exist to travel to Windsor from UK cities or European cities. If you want to travel cheaper you can choose a bus, but it's often longer than taking train.

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