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Dundee to Edinburgh train

Thanks to Gopili, compare train ticket prices and find the best price to travel from Dundee to Edinburgh by train. Our service is dedicated to helping you find the cheapest Dundee to Edinburgh train ticket and gives you practical information: booking, next departures, timetables, fares, and good deals.

Find cheap train tickets from Dundee to Edinburgh

Cheap train calendar from Dundee to Edinburgh

Find cheapest tickets to travel from Dundee to Edinburgh by train, bus, ride sharing and plane. With the calendar below, choose the day you want to travel and easily find the cheapest price.

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Ticket prices and availability have been recorded in the last 6 hours from the data provided by our partners.

Find the best prices for train tickets Dundee to Edinburgh

from £5.00 MORE 1h27m
Other modes of transport available to travel from Dundee to Edinburgh
from £17.00 MORE 3h30m
from £128.99 MORE 14h05m

Price barometer for train tickets covering this trip

The gopili price barometer gives the prices for a Dundee to Edinburgh train and helps you to know whether you are getting a good deal:


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Proximity journey

Many trains run from Dundee to Edinburgh, but there are also near stations served like for instance:

Book cheap train from Dundee to Edinburgh

There are different ways to buy your Dundee to Edinburgh train ticket:

By booking your train tickets online, you can quickly compare train schedules and fares to save money. Almost all rail companies and online ticket retailers give the ability to do this. Once your ticket is bought, you will have a confirmation email with your collection number that you will bring with your card to collect your ticket at the station before your departure.

If you don't want to book your ticket on companies' websites, you can contact the train providers by telephone. Most of them have a call centre.

If you would like to book your ticket at the station, you are able to do it either by yourself via the self-service ticket machine as well as with an advisor. Please note some smaller stations might not benefit from all these services.

The easiest way to find cheap train tickets from Dundee to Edinburgh is to check online the fares from all rail operators. Gopili enables you to do it by comparing in one search the times and prices across all existing offers. If you need to make a journey back to Dundee later on, train tickets Edinburgh to Dundee are also available on gopili.

How to find cheap train tickets Dundee to Edinburgh ?

If you want cheap train tickets Dundee to Edinburgh, you've come to the right place. Here we share with you some tricks to get cheap train tickets.

  • Booking your ticket in advance instead of leaving it until the day before will enable you to spend less. Advance tickets tend to go on sale 90 days in advance. On many routes you can save as much as 80% by purchasing your ticket 12 weeks in advance. We suggest you to purchase your ticket as soon as it is available.
  • You will most of the time take notice that, the most affordable time to travel is outside the peak train times, which are between 06:30 to 9:30 and 15:30 to 18:30. Therefore, try to avoid travelling during rush hours and you will spend less on your train ticket Dundee to Edinburgh.
  • If you already know at what time you wish to come back, you need to have a look at the price of 2 single tickets as they are sometimes cheaper than a return. The only rule is to use the exact train you purchased.
  • Another tip to pay less is to split up your journey to Edinburgh. Rather than buying only a single ticket for your journey you can split the journey into different stages, and book a ticket for each part of the journey.

Travel information for your train journey

Dundee Edinburgh train

Route Dundee to Edinburgh

Train duration 1h27m
Arrival city Edinburgh, Scotland
Departure city Dundee, Scotland
Distance 39 Miles
Lowest train ticket price from £5.00
Train operators for Dundee to Edinburgh ScotRail

The journey from Dundee, located in Scotland and Edinburgh, which is in Scotland is well served by trains. The trains are operated by the following rail operators: ScotRail.

There are 39 miles between the 2 cities and the average duration connecting Dundee to Edinburgh is normally 1h27m. Train travel is normally the fastest way to get to Edinburgh from Dundee, and it's also a greener option than driving or using the plane.

We found trains from £5.00 to travel in the next month. Prices may change depending on the day and hour of travel as well as how far in advance you book your ticket.

Discount Dundee to Edinburgh train tickets

The easiest way to pay less on your Dundee Edinburgh train ticket may be to get a railcard. While regional railcards exist in some areas, National railcards enable you to save money on most rail fares across the country. Everyone is eligible to at least 1 of the railcard, even non-UK citizens. National railcards available: 16-25 railcard, Senior discount card, Two together discount card, Family and Friends discount card and Disabled persons railcard.

Why should I buy a railcard?

When buying a railcard, you want to break even after several journeys. But is it really profitable when travelling from Dundee to Edinburgh? Use your calculator, taking into account:

A = the railcard cost (i.e.: £30)

B = average discount offered by the railcard (i.e.: 34%)

C = average cost for a Dundee Edinburgh ticket (i.e.: £10.01)(1)

The first step is to divide A by B: this will give you the budget from which the card will be worthwile. You can now divide that number by C. The result is the average number of journeys needed throughout the duration of the railcard's validity to start saving money.

In our example, A/B = £30/34% = £88.00. Then, 88/£10.01 = 8.8. Your railcard will be profitable if you're doing around 9 trips from Dundee to Edinburgh (one way trip).

How much do I need to pay for a railcard?

The cost to buy a Disabled persons railcard is £20 while it will cost you £30 to buy a 16-25, Two together, Family and Friends or the Senior railcard. All of them enable you to get 34% off most adult fares for one year.

(1)Average prices observed over the last 3 months for one way journey

Train Journey Average price without railcard(1) With a railcard 34% off(2) Saving based on a one-way trip Number of return trips to pay off the cost
Dundee to Edinburgh train £10.01 £6.67 £3.34 8.82

(1)Average price observed over the last 3 months for one way

(2)Price calculated with an average reduction of 34% on train tickets fare

Best price found for train ticket from Dundee to Edinburgh

We compare train ticket prices for all major companies to travel from Dundee to Edinburgh by train and find the best price for you. Here are the best prices selected for the coming days to go to Edinburgh. Your Dundee to Edinburgh train ticket is just few clicks away!

Journey Price Departure on At Company Searched
£7.10 MORE 04/03/2017 07:09 ScotRail 3 days ago
£7.10 MORE 04/03/2017 18:45 ScotRail 3 days ago
£7.10 MORE 04/03/2017 13:34 ScotRail 3 days ago
£7.10 MORE 10/03/2017 07:09 ScotRail 1 day ago
£7.10 MORE 04/03/2017 17:33 ScotRail 3 days ago
£7.10 MORE 18/03/2017 17:33 ScotRail 4 days ago
£7.10 MORE 18/03/2017 18:45 ScotRail 4 days ago
£10.70 MORE 10/03/2017 12:17 ScotRail 1 day ago
£10.70 MORE 18/03/2017 14:17 ScotRail 4 days ago
£10.70 MORE 10/03/2017 18:22 ScotRail 1 day ago

Best price found for Dundee to Edinburgh train ticket for the next 30 days.

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Departure and arrival for your train travel

A lot of trains travel day to day between Dundee to Edinburgh. They serve the following train stations: Dundee train station, Edinburgh Waverley train station

Dundee train station

Edinburgh Waverley train station

Where to find cheap train tickets


ScotRail, the rail travel company, runs between Dundee and Edinburgh from £5.00, allowing you to travel without breaking the bank.

Train ticket types for your travel

Train tickets may look a bit difficult at first sight but it's simple to understand how it is working. To start, there are three principal rail tickets types applicable in the England for your train Dundee to Edinburgh: Advance, Off-Peak and Anytime tickets.

  • Advance Ticket : Advance train tickets are a good manner to get really cheap train tickets. They are accessible up to 12 weeks before travel and offer the biggest reductions. To take benefit of these tickets you must book earlier: the earlier you purchase, the cheaper the train costs are! Advance tickets Dundee to Edinburgh are every time sold as singles, but if you want to book tickets for a return journey, just buy two Advance tickets. They are only valid for the date and train they are booked for. Also, these tickets cannot be refunded but can be amended before departure.
  • Off-Peak Ticket : If you prefer more flexibility than an Advance train ticket, the Off-Peak train tickets could be for you. These tickets are flexible and valid at “off peak” times of the day. Off-Peak train tickets are less expensive than the Anytime ticket and still give the flexibility of travelling on any Off-peak trains. They can be booked any time before travelling, even at the last minute. Off-Peak train tickets are efficient at any time of the day on Weekend, and Public Holidays and after around 09:30 on days of the week.
  • Anytime ticket : These tickets are entirely flexible and they are valid on any train, at any time, on any day. They give full security when you can't be sure of your travel times, or if you need to change the day you go. They are more costly than advance or Off-Peak but they can be refunded.
  • For your information more ticket types exist in the England to travel to Edinburgh, like Super-Off-Peak tickets, Season tickets, Rover and Rangers tickets…

Transport operators from Dundee to Edinburgh

The following table lists the various transport operators serving the route Dundee to Edinburgh.

Transport operators Departure Arrival
ScotRail Dundee Edinburgh

And if you change?

Other alternatives of transport exist to travel from Dundee to Edinburgh:

Bus from Dundee to Edinburgh

Flights from Dundee to Edinburgh