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Find all helpful information about Disabled railcards like: discounts, benefits, eligibility, prices, how to buy your railcard and much more information. Disabled Railcard offers great savings if you're travelling by train: you can save at least 1/3 off on train fares.

Disabled Railcard discount

The Disabled Railcard gives you 1/3 off train tickets across Great Britain for £20 1 a year. You can save more money if you choose to buy 3-years Railcard for £54 (instead of £60).

With this Railcard you can travel on short and long train journeys throughout the United Kingdom and use it to save 1/3 on Standard Class and First Class fares. You can note that the discount is available for the Railcard holder and an accompanying adult. In order to help disabled persons to travel this railcard offers great savings on your rail ticket.

Are you eligible to have a Disabled Persons Railcard? To apply for a Disabled Railcard you must proof that you have receive a disability-related benefits, including Personal Independence Payments, or that you are registered as deaf or use a hearing aid or as visually impaired. You can also apply for the Disabled Railcard if you have epilepsy.

How to buy a Disabled railcard ?

You have two possibilities to get a Disabled Persons Railcard:

  • The first is to go online on the Railcard website where you need to apply and send all the documents that Railcard asks for to their office. Then you will receive by post within 10 working days your Disabled Persons Railcard.
  • The second way to get a Disabled Railcard is to call Railcards service by phone on 0345 3000 250 (open from 07:00 to 22:00, except on Christmas Day).

Disabled railcard renewal

To renew your Disabled Railcard you can do it online or by phone and receive your new Railcard within 5 working days by post. You will have to follow the instructions that they give you.

Disabled Railcard savings

How much will you save with a Disabled Railcard ? We wanted to know how many return trips you have to make to save money with your Disabled Railcard. So, we took several examples of top train journeys and compared the price with Disabled Railcard and without the Railcard. In conclusion, you can cover the cost of your Railcard after on average 1.34 return trips.

Top journeys Disabled railcard savings
Price of a single journey(1) Savings(2) Number of return trips needed to cover the cost of the Railcard
Without Disabled Railcard With Disabled Railcard
London - Brighton £23.44 £15.47 £7.97 2.51
London - Edinburgh £87.20 £57.55 £29.65 0.67
London - Manchester £61.00 £40.26 £20.74 0.96
Birmingham - London £31.34 £20.68 £10.65 1.88
Glasgow - London £84.14 £55.53 £28.61 0.7

(1)Average price observed over the last 6 months for one way.

(2)Price calculated with an average reduction 1/3 off on train ticket fares.

Other Railcards available in the United Kingdom

If you are looking for cheap trains, many railcard discounts and reductions are available to pay less for your train ticket and save even more money on your tickets. There are 5 different types of Railcards available in United Kingdom each offering great savings:

Unfortunately Disabled Railcard is only available for travel across the United Kingdom, if you have to travel to Europe your railcard cannot be applied to have savings on train tickets eurostar.